Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Reflective Practice

Analyzing what your doing and Looking back at decisions you have made.
Your processes to get there. Continual Improvement.
Self reflection/Self questioning

Consider other views Vs your own

Make constructive criticism
Re-visit later on
Draw out the learning points

What do companies look for?

Punctuality and Time keeping
Dress code and presentation
Honesty and integrity
A good reputation
Communication skills

Depth of Specialism with transferable knowledge and Skills

Communication skills
Intellectual skills
Interpersonal skills
Cross cultural skills
Physical Skills
Organizational Skills
Objective skills
Networking skills

Team work skills - How well you do you work within a team?
How does the organization function? How does the Industry effect you?

IPP - The Future of you

I have to create this year a learning blog for everything on my Course.
This will help me to keep a diary/blog about how i am getting on, and i can show some deep reflection as to what i am doing.

I need to include Industry Research:

Creative ideas/Practice

Write about how things change your ideas about industry.

Set Goals and Career plans
your aim for the next 1-2 years
3-5 years
5 years +

What do you want out of life? - Financial or material?

What about the Quality of work? - Free lance, or work in a company?

How will you continue learning and moving forward even after your in a job?

A contingency plan - Fall back plan if doesn't work?

Networking - How do you make contact with people?
Social Networking

Interview skills: Tools and techniques and preparation - Interview practice

Promotional materials- What's your brand identity?
Web page
Business card
Sweets when meet people - How do you make yourself known and remembered?